General guidelines for contacting Support

Our support teams have thorough application- and business process knowledge relevant for our Product lines. We constantly build knowledge to be able to provide the best guidance and counselling on how to install, integrate and use our software.


Priorities and response time on tickets:

We do our upmost to start handling your request as soon as possible, and our goals are as follows:

Note: if we ask for more information related to a ticket, we need you to answer as soon as possible, no later than 5 working days. Tickets without response will be closed by us.


Before entering a support ticket, please check the following:


Guidelines when registering a Support Ticket:

Guidelines when posting a question in our Developer Forums:

These forums are created to facilitate the possibility to discuss your challenge with other developers. Our developer forums is monitored by our developers, and if  a posted question is not answered by the community, we will answer it. We strive to give response within 8 working hours.


Covered by free support

Free support is limited to application support on software where partners/consults inhabits a valid certification.


Customizations developed with tools like Integrations, Data Model Extensions (DME), BIG/ VAF SDK and integrations, is not covered by free support, but can be discussed in one of our Developer Forums.


Assistance that can be categorized as Microsoft support or support on other external software, does not entitle free support. Examples of this might be issues related to, or troubleshooting on, operation system, network, security, printers and databases.


Problems related to hardware is not supported.                           


Updated November 18th