How to complete a video certification

Select the product you want to be certified on in the heading "ONLINE TRAININGS AND CERTIFICATIONS".

It is very important that you read the "Course description" before you start the e-learning videoes. In the Course description you will find information about what we require of prior knowledge and also links to different videoes that must be seen before the course.

After reading the course description you can select "Start the course" and complete the course.

Then it is time for exam:
To order an exam, you must confirm the exam conditions regarding exame pricing.

Then click "Take Certification Exam".

If you have 75% correct answers, or more, you will be updated as a certified partner consultant on this product in our Support Community (Learning Center). You can print your diploma from "YOUR CERTIFICATIONS" in the bottom of this page.

To maintain your certification, you need to go through an annual recertification. As a certified consultant, you will recieve an invitation for this.

Learning Center and Exam video